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This privacy statement applies to Forex 4 Less Pty Ltd. 
Forex 4 Less is committed to protect the privacy of individuals under privacy act 1998 and National Privacy Principles (NPP) and all its amendments. This privacy statement is intended to provide a summary of our approach to handling personal information. We have procedures to implement our privacy principles and to deal with complains and inquiries.   
In order to provide you our services and products we may collect any kind of personal information like your name, date of birth, phone number, source of income etc. If you do not wish to provide us any required information regarding you and/or your beneficiary, we may not be able to provide you the service or product you requested. We may collect the personal information in a number of ways including but not limited to; 
1. Directly By you. 2. Third parties such as credit reporting agencies, other business partners or any other source as required to process the service you requested. 
In addition to above, We will not use, collect or disclose any information about you without your consent unless it is necessary to provide you a service you requested OR unless we are legally required to do so. Information regarding you includes but not limited to your religious believes, your affiliations, criminal record, memberships to any organization etc. 
? We may use your personal information to provide you the service you requested and/or to administer and manage our products and services and/or to perform other operational tasks and/or to prevent or investigate any crime/fraud and/or as required by law. ? We may request you to update or correct your personal information by time and you will be notified for such a matter in advance. We reserve the right to stop or cancel any transaction if found out of date, incorrect or incomplete. No responsibility will be taken for such incidents. ? We store your personal information on computers and on paper sheets and on other storage devices. These sources have limited access and are for use by authorized person. In case your information will no longer be required, we will delete or destroy it permanently from our resources. ? Your information will be shared with intermediary banks and other similar institutions with whom we have mutual privacy agreements for non-disclosing of personal information as required by law.